The Swedish TV market

Increased viewing ...

Swedish TV viewing remains strong. Since 2005 TV viewing in Sweden per day per person has increased from 146 to 153 minutes in the entire population. This has taken place simultaneously with explosive development of viewership on the web and in mobile devices – not least via TV4 Play.

The TV4 Group channels account for 30 per cent of TV viewing in the prime target group of 15-64 year-olds. And TV4 is the single channel that reaches most viewers during a week.

The Swedish TV market is made up of four major players and a number of minor ones. The big four are the TV4 Group, public service broadcaster SVT, MTG and SBS Discovery.

... and TV4 Group increase its market share

TV4 Group channels deliver around 60 billion advertising contacts in Sweden only in linear TV, representing almost half of all advertising contacts through TV. And digitally, TV4 Group strengthen its position.

The TV4 Group offers its customers the quickest and most efficient way to reach all of Sweden. TV4 as a channel reached over 60 per cent of the population during the average week. And the TV4 Group as a whole has a 70 per cent reach.

With their distinct profiles, the channels attract clear target groups. However, more and more viewers are watching TV when and where it suits them. This is why TV4 Group channels are also made available via mobile devices, computers and tablet computers.

Advertisers can maintain a presence at all times and maximize their reach. Regardless of which target group advertisers want to reach, the TV4 Group offers them quicker penetration – and impact. This applies to both the national and local markets.

The TV4 Group gives advertisers all the components they need for optimal marketing communication. In addition to services via TV, the web and mobile devices, the Group also offers advertising platforms that reach consumers in their daily lives and local environments. Altogether, this creates the opportunity for advertisers to optimize their campaigns, find the most effective advertising solutions and generate real penetration.

Last update: 2017-03-22