2014-08-27 | Övriga nyheter

Åsa Sjöberg new director of content for TV4 Group


Åsa Sjöberg will be the new Director of Content for TV4 Group and thus have overall responsibility for programming in all channels and across all platforms. A continued focus on digital transformation is high on the agenda, as well as further developing TV4's unique Swedish content position, utilising the strength of this and extending it into all platforms.



"Åsa Sjöberg combines a strong journalistic focus with broad experience and knowledge of television production. She is now being entrusted with the further development of TV4's unique position, and utilising the power of this to continue to drive the digital transformation, to secure the necessary rights for all platforms and to continue to build the digital content that will ensure TV4 remains relevant to all of the country's viewers," says Casten Almqvist, CEO TV4 Group.

Åsa Sjöberg, currently Director of Programmes for general TV:

"In a time of immense change, it is a great and interesting challenge to continue to develop TV4 Group's content along with the country's foremost programme makers. The local Swedish offering is what distinguishes us, in terms of news, community journalism, sports, our own drama and entertainment. And this will continue to be the case. We are now intensifying our efforts to transform ourselves digitally in order to address our viewers when and where they choose," says Åsa Sjöberg

Once Åsa Sjöberg has taken up her position, there will be changes and streamlining to the organisation of the content department, including the departments General TV (led by Head of Commissioning Maria Mowbray), News and Current Affairs (Viveka Hansson, Director of Programmes News and Current Affairs), Sports (Head of Sports Fredrik Olofson), Acquisitions and Formats (Head of  Acquisitions and Formats Cathrine Wiernik), and Drama.

The Head of Drama will be appointed soon, as will an entirely new Head of Digital Programmes, which will further increase digital focus. This will be a role that cuts across the five different content departments and will therefore drive the digital transformation across all programming genres. Similarly, a business and rights function will be formed that will work cross-functionally with business and rights issues to ensure freedom of action on all platforms.

Åsa Sjöberg has been Director of Programmes for general TV since 2007. She started her TV4 career in 1999, as Commissioning Editor and Executive Producer in the programming department, before taking over as Head of Commissioning in 2005. Previously she was an editor and producer at Strix Television, after studies including journalism at Stockholm University. She is a member of the board of Nordic distribution company Nordic World and also represents the Swedish film and drama industry on the board of the Nordisk Film & TV Fond. She will assume her new role on October 1, when Johan Kleberg leaves TV4 Group. She will report to the CEO and will join TV4 Group's management team.


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