2015-01-26 | Övriga nyheter

Cathrine Wiernik new Director of Programmes at TV4 Group


Cathrine Wiernik, currently Head of Acquisitions and Formats, will be the new Director of Programmes for Acquisitions and Formats, Local Production and Drama for TV4 Group, a role that has been vacant since Åsa Sjöberg became Director of Content last autumn.



"Cathrine Wiernik is one of the industry's most experienced people, with a breadth and depth of knowledge to lead content commissioning and to secure the best content, regardless of genre, for all our channels and platforms. Cathrine has a tremendous ability to inspire and engage, and has a real understanding of quality content, and I am extremely pleased that Cathrine has accepted the position," says Åsa Sjöberg, Director of Content TV4 Group.

Cathrine Wiernik has been the Head of Acquisitions and Formats since June 2014. She was previously Head of Formats and Development. She has also worked as an executive producer across all genres of programming from major entertainment formats to drama and comedy.

As Head of Acquisitions and Formats, Cathrine has managed the department during a time of rapid change, with digital rights becoming increasingly important, and with linear output deals being replaced by smaller volume deals with increased demand for flexibility regarding rights.

"Mobilising even more extensively around digital, and optimising our rights across all platforms and windows, is crucial for us to continue to be able to offer the best and most relevant content to our viewers and users. We will look at how we can organisationally find synergies specifically between drama, programmes and acquisitions, as well as generally within the group, with the aim of being able to work more effectively with our programmes, as well as generate must-see content in the digital world," says Cathrine Wiernik.

As Director of Programmes Cathrine Wiernik will head three commissioning departments – Local Production, Acquisitions and Formats, and Drama. She will take up her post immediately and will report to Åsa Sjöberg.

While further reorganisation takes place, Maria Lidén from the Acquisitions department will take over acting responsibility for free-to-air programming and Bo Thörnwall will take over acting responsibility for premium-tv. Maria and Bo will report directly to Cathrine Wiernik. Meanwhile, Jakob Hansson will take over as Acting Head of Commissioning for the Local Production department, when Maria Mowbray after 20 years at TV4 Group leaves at the end of February (follow link below for more information regarding this). The drama department is led by Head of Drama Josefine Tengblad. Jakob and Josefine will report to Cathrine Wiernik.


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