2015-01-26 | Övriga nyheter

Jakob Hansson appointed Acting Head of Commissioning at TV4 Group


Jakob Hansson, currently Head of Development at the Local Production department, will become Acting Head of Commissioning/Local Production for TV4 Group when Maria Mowbray leaves in February, after 20 years at TV4.

"Maria's exit gives us an opportunity to review our organisation, how we work with our programmes, and how best to secure future viewer success," says Director of Content Åsa Sjöberg.



Jakob Hansson, who since February last year has been working as Head of Development at TV4 Group and is also in charge of the intake of programme ideas, will become Acting Head of Commissioning/Local Production when Maria Mowbray leaves TV4 Group at the end of February, after more than 20 years at the company.

"Maria Mowbray is a wonderfully knowledgeable, experienced and valued colleague who will leave a huge gap. Over the years, Maria has contributed to several of TV4's greatest successes, and in strengthening TV4's position in the international format market. I am pleased that Jakob Hansson will stand in at Commissioning, where together we will review the organisation and continue our development as we transform in today’s rapidly changing television landscape," says Åsa Sjöberg, Director of Content TV4 Group.

Maria Mowbray has in recent years been deputy Head of Commissioning, Head of the Programming department and, most recently, Head of Commissioning/Local Production, Maria has also previously worked as an executive producer and with format acquisition.

"This has been a long and amazing journey which has lasted more than 20 years. During this time, TV4 has constantly developed, and has managed to be relevant and engaging to Swedish TV viewers. I am convinced that this journey will continue, but I have been at TV4 for almost my entire professional life and want to refresh my career and look for other challenges," says Maria Mowbray.

Jakob Hansson was recruited last year from Titan, where he had worked since 1999, including the past seven years as Head of Development.

"We have a wide range of new initiatives in TV4 Play, and a variety of major and important entertainment and drama productions ahead of us this year, within both TV4 and Sjuan. The focus of our work is the intuitive digital way of thinking. And while our most important linear titles are often those that do best on TV4 Play and provide the greatest engagement in social media, we are now working even harder to develop both our platform independence and fully digital initiatives," says Jakob Hansson.

In addition Susanna Jacobsson, formerly Head of Programmes at Eyeworks, will start on Monday as one of two Heads of Production for Local Production. In November, Anna Rastner, formerly Head of Editorial Business Development at Mittmedia, also took over as Head of Digital Programmes.


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