2015-11-23 | Övriga nyheter

Sofie Schütt appointed new Head of Acquisitions at TV4 Group


Sofie Schütt will become the new Head of Acquisitions at TV4 Group in December. Central in her role will be extending efforts in acquiring platform-neutral rights and a strengthened collaboration within Bonnier and with Scandinavian partners.



Sofie Schütt's areas of responsibility will include acquiring rights for C More and TV4 Group, with an emphasis on maximizing the rights for all channels and platforms. The focus will be on strategic acquisitions towards specific needs, where meticulous selection and cherry-picking of titles is prioritized over traditional volume packages.

Cathrine Wiernik, Director of Programmes at TV4 Group, says:

"Sofie has the unique skills that are essential given the current complex rights situation in the market. I am pleased and proud that she is taking on this role, which will further strengthen our acquisition department and our position in the international arena."

A part of Sofie's function will be to work towards tighter collaboration within Bonnier and closer cooperation with C More's and TV4 Group's Scandinavian partners, in order to identify synergies and to develop quality partnerships.

"The world is getting smaller and the players larger. We can no longer act alone and need to ally ourselves with our various partners in order to secure the most attractive rights", explains Cathrine.

"These are very exciting times. Competition in the market is incredibly strong, but at the same time we have huge potential with strong linear channels and new VOD platforms on the way. TV4’s acquisitions department has a fantastic skillset, which along with strong contact networks in the Nordic region and internationally, will continue to drive our business upwards and forwards. It is an honor to be a part of this journey," says Sofie.

Sofie will take up the position of Head of Acquisitions on December 1. Since January 2015 she has held the role of Senior Acquisitions Manager at TV4, and she previously worked at MTG's London office as senior acquisitions manager for free-to-air TV in Scandinavia. Acting Head of Acquisitions Maria Lidén will continue in her previous role as senior acquisitions manager.


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