2016-02-05 | Övriga nyheter

Another strong performance by the TV4 Group thanks to Swedish content and digital focus


The TV4 Group performed strongly once again in 2015. Operating profit (EBITA) rose to SEK 662 million (SEK 640 million in 2014). Earnings growth reflects major investments in Swedish content and technology. 2015 saw increased consumption on all platforms, continuing focus on digital transformation – and national and digital sales records. Sales grew to SEK 4,234 million (SEK 4,206 million).



“The TV4 Group’s successes in 2015 are clear proof that our strategy is working. We intend to continue our wholehearted commitment to local Swedish content on all platforms,” says TV4 Group CEO Casten Almqvist.

TV4 Group operating profit (EBITA) totalled SEK 662 million (SEK 640 million in 2014), up 3.4 per cent. The improvement in earnings comes notwithstanding the major investments made in technology and Swedish content during the year. Profit growth is also a result of those investments, since they played a major part in the rise in linear and digital viewing. Thanks to this growth in consumption, the broadening of the target groups during the year, along with secure and growing deliveries to a buoyant advertising market, the TV4 Group saw record national and digital sales. Sales rose to SEK 4,234 (from SEK 4,206), and the operating margin rose to 15.6 per cent (15.2 per cent).

TV4 saw extremely strong digital growth. TV4 Play grew more than the market as a whole. The number of streaming starts rose by 95 per cent and time spent by 79 per cent. The average time spent per streaming start was 14 minutes. In Q4 TV4 Play’s weekly reach also grew to 20.9 per cent, placing it second only to YouTube among all advertising-funded web TV players in the Swedish market.

A number of new initiatives were launched during the year. The Woo video advertising platform gives the advertising market a broad digital product with extensive reach by offering the Bonnier companies’ stock of online video advertising. The ENT talent network finds and fosters new talent and gives advertisers new ways to reach young target groups. The new food destination Köket offers the advertising market new and integrated solutions, while the Kökets favoriter internet store takes users from inspiration to action. In 2016 the TV4 Group will be continuing to develop existing as well as new services and offerings.

“We have had a highly successful year, but the rapid transformation of the media market impacts us as well. Our investments in technology and Swedish content will remain central. We will also continue to develop and coordinate the Bonnier Broadcasting organisation so as to meet viewers, users and the market in an even better way,” Mr Almqvist added.


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